Dev Update - 9/24/17


Thanks for reading! We've been fairly busy, but actually not as "down to the wire" as we thought, which is both a good and sort-of-troubling thing. We've decided to spend at least one more week doing artistic R&D and experimenting! Which is great, as we're coming up with some awesome new ideas that will make the game so much better. The troubling part is that we're not feeling the pressure yet, and once we do we'll be head down until the end of dev! So, it's a little odd to feel so little pressure right now.

But enough about that! Here's some cool updates on what we're doing (mostly in tweets):

Winter Biome:

Desert Biome:

Who knows!

Just to unpack a bit of that up there - here are some ideas that are new:

- Television monitors will be scattered around all levels. You can use them to teleport to other areas/levels, or parts of the level you're in.

- The radio will play a greater role, with tons of audio and ability to tune between stations, etc. Great to add texture to your music.

- There are new, more carved/organic looking obelisks!

- One of those up there involved the new audio system, that will facilitate the playable 'setpieces' like the harp, wind chimes, etc.

- There's some nice looking subtle steam on the winter biome's hot springs!

There's much more, less exciting stuff going on, but that does it for today. Thanks again for reading!



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